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Research stories from around the world.
Promoting the work, 
aspirations and visions 
of Early Career Researchers (ECRs).

We are interested in hearing your Personal Story in approximately 1000 words. In this snap shot you can tell us, and the world, about what you are passionate about in your research. This includes how you got to where you are now. All your stories will be shared on this website. 

These stories can be sources of inspiration for others, but also have the potential to act as extended ‘business cards’ for you in forging new connections with like-minded researchers globally.

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Are you an Early Career Researcher (ECR)? If so then this website and related project may interest you. We, that is Marcus, Ken and Genine from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia, are interested in exploring ECR stories.
Our goal is to promote the work, aspirations and visions of ECRs in a world where so much of University life is currently driven by utilitarian agendas. ECRs come from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines, some are parts of research groups whilst others are solo researchers. 


“There is no single path to an academic research career, with disciplinary differences being particularly evident in the sequencing of steps. There is wide variation between, for example, the pure scientist who completes doctoral studies, gains postdoctoral research experience as a member of a team, and who then steps onto the ladder of an academic career, and a clinical nurse or teacher with many years of professional experience and quite possibly also many years of academic teaching, who then undertakes PhD candidature and endeavours to build a research profile” (Bazely 2003: 261)


If you are an Early Career Researcher (ECR) you are at a special point in your life and career. With the PhD behind you, you’re now embarking on a new journey with a sense of achievement – the post-PHD glow – and yet also often with some sense of trepidation. Often as an ECR you are part of someone else’s project as a ‘post-doc’, so your sense of agency associated with mature academics is only emergent. Yet there is a sense of possibility and the future beckons. You are moving from being an apprentice to a colleague and are in a transitional phase of your career.


As early career researchers you constitute the largest group of researchers in our global knowledge economy. You are the wave of the future and bring to research wide-ranging experiences, aspirations and skills. Many of you are young and in full command of the digital worlds reshaping knowledge and challenging traditional disciplinary boundaries and assumptions. Yet, more than ever, older people are choosing to do a PhD and refine/focus their life experiences in valuable and creative ways. 


ECRs “… widely recognized as being among the most creative and energetic researchers, constitute a vast pool of global talent that plays a central role in knowledge economies.” (Laudel and Gläser 2007: 387).
Our hope is that this website enables you to feel inspired to create and contribute! 
If you are an ECR please share with us your stories of how you got to where you are today, as well as the ways in which you are creative and contribute to research and your community. 


Personal Stories can be written in your

We do not wish language to be a barrier here. We will arrange for translation to English.


* Rising Stars *

Research stories from around the world…

Our Team

From the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Dr Marcus Bussey

Lead Researcher, Deputy Head of School, Senior Lecturer, History & Futures, USC

Read Marcus’ Story

Dr Ken Greenwood

Head of School
(School of Social Sciences), USC

Read Ken’s Story

Dr Genine Hook

Lecturer in Sociology, USC

Genine’s Story

Samantha Willcocks

Imagineer, Creative Systems, Research Assistant, USC

Early Career Research Stories

Ready to be inspired? – here’s what ECR rising stars say:

I aspire to be an early career researcher.

Samantha Willcocks

University of the Sunshine Coast

Fundamental paradigm shifts are imagined for all of our possible futures, in light of emerging issues.

Dr Colin Russo

Engaging Futures

A good researcher is someone that insists on seeing knowledge as a way of self-knowledge; on enduring the courage of loneliness along the arduous process of research; and on keeping alive that spark of joy amidst the bureaucracy of academia.

Camila Mozzini

Brazil, Australia

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