Publication Accelerator Scheme Grant

Research stories from around the world

Publication Accelerator Scheme Grant

This Rising Stars project is a proud recipient of the USC Publication Accelerator Scheme Grant from the Faculty of Arts, Business and Law. This project is innovative through the facilitation of collaboration across faculties, disciplines, institutions and countries. It aims to inspire and support early career researchers to step up, share their stories, connect and learn from each other, focus on their core research interests and clarify their research trajectory. The emphasis is on diversity in research from the empirically driven, through to the social and the creative non-traditional research outputs (NTROs).

We plan to provide multiple research outputs, such as:

  1. This website – a platform to showcase research passion stories from around the world.
  2. A peer-reviewed edited publication that draws on the best of the posted ‘narratives’ of early career researchers in a compilation of 3000-4000 word scholarly essays about their current research focus, outlining the context of their project, the research questions and methodology, as well as potential impacts. This publication will emphasise diversity, excellence and vision. The publication will include work from within USC but also have a strong presence of national and international early career researchers.

This project has direct research productivity for USC as well as the less explicit impact of fostering a dynamic research culture amongst emerging scholars.

If you would like to submit, please contact us, and share with your networks.

We have FaceBook if you would like to connect and share via social media.

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