Month: October 2018

Research stories from around the world

Professor Ken Greenwood’s Story

Having watched man walk for the first time on the moon as a child towards the end of my primary schooling, I am hardly an early career researcher. (OK, I know I just gave my age away). In fact, I am hardly an early career anything; perhaps I am on the cusp of being an…
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Am I an ECR?

You may be wondering if this ECR label applies to you? Check out the following criteria and you will find out. Have you finished a PhD in the past 5 years? Are you actively working on a research project as a Post-Doctoral member of a research team? Are you an employee of a University, College…
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Marcus’ story

It has often seemed to me like I was born late – as sense of almost missing the bus, or never finding the bus stop – has added a feeling of urgency to my life. This led me to being a ‘late’ Early Career Researcher. I only got my PhD done when I was fifty…
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