Month: November 2018

Research stories from around the world

Dr Colin Russo’s Story

Having written my PhD by the age of 48, I can be considered a late career researcher. However, there are many others who have completed research on their PhD with the maturity of their experiences to guide them – and sure, this helps to build an appreciation of purpose and context, yet there are many…
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Alex Russell’s Story

What is your personal (inside) story? I’m one of those people who never really knew what I wanted to do. It wasn’t until about halfway through my undergrad that I decided to focus on Psychology – I’m still not entirely sure why.   After fourth year, I realised that I could do a PhD, which…
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Camila Mozzini’s Story

If I look back in time to the little girl I was, I would never imagine that, someday, I would be doing what I am doing. And where I’m doing it. Life for me has always been like a mysterious puzzle, an adventurous game I had to play if I wanted to put the pieces…
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Aaron Tham’s Story

Hi everyone! My name is Dr Aaron Tham and I am currently a Lecturer in Tourism, Leisure and Events Management at USC Southbank. I have been at USC for 4.5 years and very privileged to be part of the multi-campus footprint of the university.   My PhD journey was prompted by the introduction of social…
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