Month: February 2019

Research stories from around the world

Story of Xueqing (Ana) Wang

普通话 Mandarin Translation I am second-year PhD student in the area of basic medicine. My father is a clinician specializing in oncology surgery. I have been listening to his stories since childhood. He told me stories about what happened in the hospital, such as the treatment of very sick patients, the handling of emergencies in…
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Story of Zheng Guo (English)

普通话 Mandarin Translation My Long Scientific Research Road Fulfilled With Enrichment And Enjoyment  People’s choice making is inseparable from the influence of their environment in which they grow up. The reason why I chose the area of medical science is because that my father is engaged in the pharmaceutical industry.  Under his influence, I have…
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Story of Yulu Zheng (English)

普通话 Mandarin Translation My Road To Scientific Research: It Is Time To Make An Effort To Realize My Dream Looking back, 2018 was a turning point in my life, as I began my doctoral study at Edith Cowan University in July of the year. The experience that I have gained in the year has been…
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Professor Marcelo Maia Vinagre Mocarzel’s Story (Portuguese)

(Click here for English translation) Meu nome é Marcelo Mocarzel, tenho 31 anos e moro no Rio de Janeiro – Brasil, com minha mulher e minhas duas filhas. Concluí meu PhD em outubro de 2017, entre idas e vindas entre educação e comunicação. Creio que muitos pesquisadores passam por isso: se identificam com mais de…
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Professor Marcelo Maia Vinagre Mocarzel’s Story

(Click here for Portuguese translation) My name is Marcelo Mocarzel, I am 31 years old and I live in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, with my wife and two daughters. I completed my PhD in October 2017, between comings and goings from Education to Communication. I believe that many researchers go through this: they identify…
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