Story of Zheng Guo (English)

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Story of Zheng Guo (English)

普通话 Mandarin Translation

My Long Scientific Research Road Fulfilled With Enrichment And Enjoyment 

People’s choice making is inseparable from the influence of their environment in which they grow up. The reason why I chose the area of medical science is because that my father is engaged in the pharmaceutical industry.  Under his influence, I have been yearning for pursuing medicine as my noble career. When the time came for me to choose my major during the period of the national college entrance examination, I immediately made the decision to  choose a medical university, I wanted to become a clinician in 2011.

Embarking on the road of scientific research by an opportunity

Shortly after entering the first year of college, I got an opportunity to visit the Institute of Atherosclerosis, the best research institute in our university belonging to the Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory. The visit made my eyes open widely. The high-precision instruments provided by the laboratory attracted my attention. The clear explanation of the teachers of the Institute aroused my interest in research. 

Ensuring health of the roots of the tree to help its growth

As actions are stronger than words, I immediately applied to one of the teachers’ projects and asked to participate in his project. As a green hand in the area of scientific research, I needed to start my research from scratch. In order to learn more comprehensive experimental techniques, I participated in as many projects as possible. In addition, while helping colleagues to do their experiments, I also gained valuable experience and developed my research skills. I mastered basic experimental techniques such as: Western-blot, agarose gel electrophoresis, cultured cells, animal feeding, PCR technology, ELISA, etc., basic scientific knowledge and experimental skills required during postgraduate studies.

In 2013, I tried to study the basic disciplines of experimental techniques across the field and went to the Institute of Pathogenic Microorganisms to study virology-related experiments. While reading the literature, I found that the results of some papers were not obtained through experiments. They can be summarized by further statistical analysis of the data in the database. This is another form of research, so research is not only experimental.

In 2015, driven by my longing to do statistical evidence-based medicine, I found my current teacher. Under his guidance, I tried to complete the first meta-analysis and published it in the Chinese core journal. After that, I applied to the National Undergraduate Innovation Project. My research thinking, and project design skill made rapid progress under the guidance of my teacher.

During my time studying at university in China, I participated in the writing of six papers, two of them published in Chinese journals, and the other four in English journals. Among them, the highest impact factor was 5.2, and two new patents were obtained.

The road to scientific research starts from thinking and its key lies in persistence

In 2017, after completing my undergraduate study, my teacher recommended me to go abroad and continue my studies. The recommended mentor by my teacher is Professor WANG Wei, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Edith Cowan University in Australia. After I read Professor Wang’s resume on ECU official website, I decided to follow Professor Wang on the scientific research road.

I immediately prepared the materials needed for the application and prepared for my IELTS test in 2017. Although the IELTS preparation process was difficult, fortunately, I was not alone, my girlfriend and I encouraged each other, and finally I survived that painful time.

In May 2018, I arrived at Edith Cowan University. I believe that an opportunity only comes to those who are prepared. Because of my research background that was previously established, I successfully applied for PhD candidature at Edith Cowan University with the help of Professor Wang.  This has saved me two years’ time, as I was not required to do my two years’ Master degree.  This has been the biggest turning point in my life. The broader academic research door has been opened to me, and I will continue to advance my future on my research road step by step. Thanks to the help of Professor Wang and Teacher HOU in China. Now I enter a new stage of life and look forward to my new development.

Zheng Guo

School of Medical and Health Science

Edith Cowan University

270 Joondalup Drive, Joondalup, WA 6027

Tel: 0415066589

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