Month: March 2019

Research stories from around the world

Social Media Maven Dr Karen Sutherland

I never expected to be a researcher. Nobody in my immediate family went to university. My father began encouraging me to study at university early on, so by the time I was about to finish Year 12, it was the next logical step for me, so off I went. I will always be grateful to…
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Story of Dr Genine Hook

I had no intention of doing a PhD. I didn’t have an idea of what a PhD even was or meant as an undergraduate or even at the beginning of my Honours degree. In this regard I would have been a typical university student, aiming for a qualification that was employment orientated rather than looking…
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My Auto-ethnographical story: Academic life in an Australian masculine culture as a female migrant from a feminine culture

‘No-one ever asks the early career researcher what they think’, writes Ken at the end of his story about his academic career. ‘That is why we started this [Rising Stars] project’. My story is about asking for, and not being asked what I think in Australian academia. I was born and raised as a white…
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BMW and the witness of Mop and the Mop bucket! – Dr Kate Jonathan’s Story

When you are a BMW, you have a personal (inside) story: A story that is similar to all BMWs, yet different. It is a story I never thought would be told, though privately documented and a subject of an undergraduate honours project.  And No, BMW is not the car! Rather, an acronym I devised to…
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