The Pleasure of Discovery – Paulo H. Souto Maior

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The Pleasure of Discovery – Paulo H. Souto Maior

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I think my research history starts from my fascination with discovery. Curiosity in knowing how things worked, or why, started with the readings in the old Barsa encyclopedia. At university, this desire and in the communication sciences, I discovered that I could study many phenomena, many themes, through its most diverse mediations in different media.  At undergraduate level, I was a student of scientific initiation and had contact with rigour, the characteristic form of writing and the importance that care in the argumentation and the presentation of evidence could have in the scientific ideas that were criticised or corroborated. 

My masters in applied linguistics had in the line of language and technology the basis of my main interest in science and in its capacity to create techniques, solutions and technology. I looked at how Wikipedia organised into a community of practice and was able to become more, and by the scientific method offered diverse ways of seeking an answer. 

At the doctoral level, I kept my interest in technology and this time researched how Social Marketing seeks to promote actions and behaviours that encourage well-being of society through the use of technological solutions to promote voluntary blood donation. 

I like what I do, I feel the anxiety of uncertainty, the frustration of the failure, the lack of motivation of the lack of answers, but at the desire for success, the feeling of being and contributing to some purpose, the joy of discovery, are things that make work rewarded. 

Moodle Moot event, with some friends and working with gamification with Moodle.

What are you passionate about? 

Technology and human-machine interaction. The way technologies are used by humans is very fascinating to me. 

What has been your greatest achievement to date? 

I coordinated the development of a solution that mapped locations with accessibility in my university on a cool 3d map. 

What is your long-term goal? Your preferred future? 

I would like to work with the methodology of Design Science Research. To bring research into the field and gain the research relevance that I so admire.


Paulo H. Souto Maior


The pleasure of discovery = Good Moments

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