Research stories from around the world

The Story of Grécia Falcão

It was never a child’s dream. Perhaps I can say that a series of unexpected events led me to be where I am today. I remember the first philosophy/sociology lecture that I heard during high school. Somehow, I knew that this was what I would like to do: to reflect about ethical-political and social problems,…
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A journey of curiosity, discovery and creativity – The Story of Dr Tina Lathouras

In terms of an academic life, I consider myself a late bloomer. Growing up as the child of a Greek migrant in Brisbane in the 1960s, I wasn’t encouraged to study. I was in my mid 30s before I realised an educational pathway was possible. After 20 years of work in the social services sector…
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The intention and reflection of a passionate pedagogic journey toward Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

It is said that a yellow flower only reflects the yellow ray or yellow vibrational component of the sunlight that falls upon it. Even though the yellow flower is exposed to the full spectrum of light and thus all colours, we only see yellow. All other colour rays or light vibrations are absorbed and not…
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O prazer da descoberta – Paulo H. Souto Maior

English Translation Acho que minha história na pesquisa começa do meu fascínio pela descoberta. A curiosidade em saber como as coisas funcionavam, ou porque se deu início com as leituras na antiga enciclopédia Barsa. Na universidade esse desejo se ampliou, e nas ciências da comunicação, descobri que poderia estudar muitos fenômenos, muitos temas, através das…
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The Pleasure of Discovery – Paulo H. Souto Maior

For Portuguese Translation click here —> I think my research history starts from my fascination with discovery. Curiosity in knowing how things worked, or why, started with the readings in the old Barsa encyclopedia. At university, this desire and in the communication sciences, I discovered that I could study many phenomena, many themes, through its…
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Kiran Ahmed’s Story

I can identify two factors in my intellectual and personal trajectory that have motivated me to become an academic, with a research focus on women in Pakistan. First, is a sense of the power of language in shaping reality and the significance of the written word. Studying in public sector institutions in Pakistan, I witnessed…
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AHRC Leadership Programme

Post from RCUK has received funding through the National Productivity Investment Fund to develop a fellowship programme targeted at early career researchers (ECRs). These fellowships will be a step change in the support provided by the Research Councils to the research leaders of the future, enabling some of the UK’s most talented researchers to undertake…
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ECR Fellowship in ATHENS!!

Post from Early Career Fellowships at the British School at Athens are offered for up to 3 months for research in any branch of the arts or social sciences related to Greece. The Fellowship is non-stipendiary, but accommodation and airfare are provided, either to Athens or Knossos. Early Career Fellowships are intended to enable…
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Social Media Maven Dr Karen Sutherland

I never expected to be a researcher. Nobody in my immediate family went to university. My father began encouraging me to study at university early on, so by the time I was about to finish Year 12, it was the next logical step for me, so off I went. I will always be grateful to…
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Story of Dr Genine Hook

I had no intention of doing a PhD. I didn’t have an idea of what a PhD even was or meant as an undergraduate or even at the beginning of my Honours degree. In this regard I would have been a typical university student, aiming for a qualification that was employment orientated rather than looking…
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My Auto-ethnographical story: Academic life in an Australian masculine culture as a female migrant from a feminine culture

‘No-one ever asks the early career researcher what they think’, writes Ken at the end of his story about his academic career. ‘That is why we started this [Rising Stars] project’. My story is about asking for, and not being asked what I think in Australian academia. I was born and raised as a white…
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BMW and the witness of Mop and the Mop bucket! – Dr Kate Jonathan’s Story

When you are a BMW, you have a personal (inside) story: A story that is similar to all BMWs, yet different. It is a story I never thought would be told, though privately documented and a subject of an undergraduate honours project.  And No, BMW is not the car! Rather, an acronym I devised to…
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Story of Xueqing (Ana) Wang

普通话 Mandarin Translation I am second-year PhD student in the area of basic medicine. My father is a clinician specializing in oncology surgery. I have been listening to his stories since childhood. He told me stories about what happened in the hospital, such as the treatment of very sick patients, the handling of emergencies in…
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Story of Zheng Guo (English)

普通话 Mandarin Translation My Long Scientific Research Road Fulfilled With Enrichment And Enjoyment  People’s choice making is inseparable from the influence of their environment in which they grow up. The reason why I chose the area of medical science is because that my father is engaged in the pharmaceutical industry.  Under his influence, I have…
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Story of Yulu Zheng (English)

普通话 Mandarin Translation My Road To Scientific Research: It Is Time To Make An Effort To Realize My Dream Looking back, 2018 was a turning point in my life, as I began my doctoral study at Edith Cowan University in July of the year. The experience that I have gained in the year has been…
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Professor Marcelo Maia Vinagre Mocarzel’s Story (Portuguese)

(Click here for English translation) Meu nome é Marcelo Mocarzel, tenho 31 anos e moro no Rio de Janeiro – Brasil, com minha mulher e minhas duas filhas. Concluí meu PhD em outubro de 2017, entre idas e vindas entre educação e comunicação. Creio que muitos pesquisadores passam por isso: se identificam com mais de…
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Professor Marcelo Maia Vinagre Mocarzel’s Story

(Click here for Portuguese translation) My name is Marcelo Mocarzel, I am 31 years old and I live in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, with my wife and two daughters. I completed my PhD in October 2017, between comings and goings from Education to Communication. I believe that many researchers go through this: they identify…
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Story of Yulu Zheng (Mandarin Chinese)

(For English Translation Click Here) 漫漫科研路,充实且享受 人的选择离不开成长环境的影响。之所以选择医科,是因为我父亲从事医药行业,耳濡目染,一直向往可以从事崇高的医学事业中。在高考选择专业时,2011年我毅然决然的选择了医科大学,当时梦想成为一名临床医生。 懵懂走上科研路

Story of Zheng Guo (Mandarin)

(For English Translation Click Here) 漫漫科研路,充实且享受 人的选择离不开成长环境的影响。之所以选择医科,是因为我父亲从事医药行业,耳濡目染,一直向往可以从事崇高的医学事业中。在高考选择专业时,2011年我毅然决然的选择了医科大学,当时梦想成为一名临床医生。