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Story of Xueqing (Ana) Wang

(English Translation Click Here) What is your personal (inside) story? 我是一名基础医学专业的博二学生。 我的父亲是一名临床医生,专攻肿瘤外科。我从小就常听他和我讲起医院里发生的故事,像危重病患的治疗、术中紧急情况的处理、和患者家属的交流等等。记忆最深刻的是,有一天一家人吃晚饭,我无意间发现爸爸的眼镜框上有污渍,他摘下来发现是血迹,是在急诊手术过程中不小心迸溅到的,当时他担心我还小会害怕,但我意外地没有觉得排斥,还想要了解一下当时手术的细节。就这样耳濡目染,我也对医学产生了兴趣,但这种兴趣很模糊,我真正确定自己的专业选择是高考择校的时候,面对厚厚的一本高校名录,我发现我只想选择医科类的院校。但家人担心临床医生的工作太辛苦,商量后,我报考了基础医学专业,打算从事医学相关的基础研究工作。

Dr Colin Russo’s Story

Having written my PhD by the age of 48, I can be considered a late career researcher. However, there are many others who have completed research on their PhD with the maturity of their experiences to guide them – and sure, this helps to build an appreciation of purpose and context, yet there are many…
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Alex Russell’s Story

What is your personal (inside) story? I’m one of those people who never really knew what I wanted to do. It wasn’t until about halfway through my undergrad that I decided to focus on Psychology – I’m still not entirely sure why.   After fourth year, I realised that I could do a PhD, which…
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Camila Mozzini’s Story

If I look back in time to the little girl I was, I would never imagine that, someday, I would be doing what I am doing. And where I’m doing it. Life for me has always been like a mysterious puzzle, an adventurous game I had to play if I wanted to put the pieces…
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Aaron Tham’s Story

Hi everyone! My name is Dr Aaron Tham and I am currently a Lecturer in Tourism, Leisure and Events Management at USC Southbank. I have been at USC for 4.5 years and very privileged to be part of the multi-campus footprint of the university.   My PhD journey was prompted by the introduction of social…
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Professor Ken Greenwood’s Story

Having watched man walk for the first time on the moon as a child towards the end of my primary schooling, I am hardly an early career researcher. (OK, I know I just gave my age away). In fact, I am hardly an early career anything; perhaps I am on the cusp of being an…
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Am I an ECR?

You may be wondering if this ECR label applies to you? Check out the following criteria and you will find out. Have you finished a PhD in the past 5 years? Are you actively working on a research project as a Post-Doctoral member of a research team? Are you an employee of a University, College…
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Marcus’ story

It has often seemed to me like I was born late – as sense of almost missing the bus, or never finding the bus stop – has added a feeling of urgency to my life. This led me to being a ‘late’ Early Career Researcher. I only got my PhD done when I was fifty…
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Publication Accelerator Scheme Grant

This Rising Stars project is a proud recipient of the USC Publication Accelerator Scheme Grant from the Faculty of Arts, Business and Law. This project is innovative through the facilitation of collaboration across faculties, disciplines, institutions and countries. It aims to inspire and support early career researchers to step up, share their stories, connect and…
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We would LOVE to hear from YOU!

If you are an early career researcher or HDR student and would like to share YOUR story then please get in contact. We are looking for short 1000 word reflections on your research passions and your narrative, your story, that has gotten you to where you are today. We will showcase these stories on the…
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What is Rising Star Stories?

Rising Star Stories is a collaborative research project with Professor Ken Greenwood, Dr Marcus Bussey, Dr Genine Hook, Research Assistant Samantha Willcocks and… YOU! The purpose of this project is to: Create a PLATFORM to promote the voices of early career researchers and their PASSIONS. Form a CONDUIT to produce PUBLICATIONS. CELEBRATE the diversity and…
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